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A world from the old youchew minecraft server. This is a creative world. feel free to build whatever you want, just don't destroy others stuff and don't build where others are building


  • Game mode: Creative
  • Animal spawning: yes
  • Mob spawning: yes
  • Explosion healing: All explosions heal
  • Death Chests: yes

Commands specific for this world

  • Most worldedit commands
  • /setwarp – allows you to create warps which you and others can teleport to
  • /delwarp – deletes a warp point you created
  • /warp – warps you to a warp (you can create warps using the setwarp command
  • /tp – allows you to teleport to a player
  • /spawner – This command allows you to modify the types of mobs spawned from an preexisting mob spawner.
  • /setname – Sets the type of the head you are holding to a player head and sets the name to the one specified. Username is case sensitive, and must be the players actual minecraft name and not a nickname (nicknames have a “~” in front of them)

Cities/Towns/Places of Interest

Chew York City

Main article: Chew York City

The largest single settlement of the YouChew world, as well as the world's spawn point. Chew York City is a big city fitted with diverse forms of architecture, and thus is arguably the most visually impressive part of the server.

Tree Village

Where most older Youchew players set their homes.

Isla Chewblar

Main article: Isla Chewblar


Neon Cunt City

Big Battlefield

A battlefield located in the northeast part of the world, inspired from the scene from the movie "Suckerpunch" with the steampunk nazi zombies and other crazy awesome shit. Feel free to build anything here from steampunk zepplins to flower shops in the middle of a battlefield, or even whole armies and fortresses.

The YouChew server's very own jungle. Is filled with many different kinds of buildings, structures, and tourist attractions.

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