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Step 1: get basics done

Things to be done before wiki opens

  • replace default logo
  • set up front page
  • put news box on front page to post any updates in
  • Create as many missing pages as possible, just copy whats on the blog for now

Moved to step 2. New updates are being released and info on them needs to be put somewhere. If i keep putting it on the blog then we will have a lot to catch up on. Instead will put new updates on the wiki while being built so we dont have more things to move later.

Step 2: Open up the wiki

*Open wiki to everyone

  • Ask people on the server to contribute or help if they can
  • replace default logo (if anyone is good at art we need someone to design one)

Create all missing pages

Note: Make sure you create an account on the wiki first! You need an account to edit pages, this way random people and spambots cant just vandalize everything.

  • Only needs basic info, just copy whats on the blog for now
  • make all missing pages. This is rather easy, just copy info and pictures from the main website/blog into the new page.
    • Try and follow one of the sample pages when creating a page so it looks organized (just copy and paste it if you need to)
    • If you dont know the info for something or its not on the main website, just leave that part blank. i probably have to looks through some files to find that info
  • Improve or finish pages with the "under construction" sign at the top (the one with the little creeper image in it)
  • Upload images from the main blog/website to the wiki. unfortunately we cant just link to the images, so we have to re-download and re-upload them again. make sure you give the images a name that makes sense (example: if its a picture of a creeper name the picture "creeper" or something)

Set up front page

Note: Only do these if you are experienced with editing and using mediawiki

  • put news box on front page to post any updates in

Step 3: The wiki is complete! Now lets make it look nicer

  • Replace images which show how to build things with schematic templates when possible, like this one
75mm Cannon
Side view
  • Replace images of crafting recipies with the crafting recipe template, it looks much nicer and is much easier to change things around if needed
  • Add more images to pages. Feel free to upload any screenshots you took on the minecraft server to pages you think they relate to
  • Add some humor: While this wiki is to be informative, having a laugh at a funny image or fact makes it less boring and more entertaining. Just make sure what you put is funny and not something that makes no sense or out of context
  • Add your own content! Add screenshots you took, pages about things built in Chew York, tutorials on how to do things, and so on. This wiki is not just about being informative, its also a way to record the history and events of the server