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example of s signshop sign
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Used Bukkit Plugins [1]
Availability Survival worlds
Used for
Selling and buying items


Sign shop allows you to create shops which people buy from. Basically you create a sign, and link it to a chest which contains the items people can buy. When a player right clicks on the sign, they buy the item. The item from the chets is automatically given to them, and the money is automatically given to you. Once there is no more items in the chest, players can no longer buy from you until it is refilled

How to use

Using a shop

It’s easy! Just right-click the sign to buy.

Creating a shop

step 1

Example of a shop sign

Create a sign that looks like the following

  • first line: [Buy]
  • second and third lines: put a description of the item you want to sell here
  • third line: put the price here

if you put it incorrectly the server will let you know.

this is the sign people will click to buy items

step 2

create a chest where which contains the item you want to sell. it can be near the aign, or anywhere you want really. but to keep things simple I would recommend putting it somewhere near the sign. Make sure you put the item you want to sell in there

step 3

link the chest and the sign by left clicking the sign while holding redstone, then the clicking the chest while holding redstone. the server will then tell you the shop is created!



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