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This is usually the reason behind 75% of server crashes


This page is about server info such as stats, staff members, and other things

Server Specifications

The server is hosted on a virtual cloud in the sky somewhere. However here are some basic specifications which are known

Server specs

  • Player slots - 60
  • RAM - 1.5 GB
  • Storage space - 10 GB
  • Server address:

Yeah, 10GB of space is not a lot. If you want to, feel free to donate so we can get more server space, and maybe even a better server entirely.

Server Software

In order to make the things on the server possible, we use a server wrapper called Bukkit, an open source and community made server wrapper. Bukkit is not official supported by Mojang and not part of Mojang in any way, which is why it takes time for the server to update whenever a minecraft update is released. However, about 98% of minecraft servers run Bukkit; This small disadvantage largely outweighs its advantages

  • Current Bukkit Version - 1.6.2-R0.1 BETA

Server Staff

A list of people who protect the server from a chaotic demise on a daily basis

Active Staff


  • Robotnikthingy


  • Smonge
  • 08mstelter
  • CorvettekingIA

Inactive staff

Staff who have resigned, or don't have time at the moment for various reasons which life may bring up


  • Dopply


  • Mushrooms
  • Marakumo

Trivia and Facts

  • Daily backups are made for every world and stored off of the server. This is in case our host kicks the Bucket or some other disaster happens
  • The youchew world is actually the one which was on the previous youchew minecraft server. Special thanks to Tabull for keeping a hold of it and trusting this server with re-hosting it.