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The rules are simple, and it should not be hard to follow them


  • The most important: dont be a dick. Follow this rule and you should not run into any problems
  • Everyone gets 3 strikes/warnings before they are banned. You get a warning for breaking a rule. Staff can also issue verbal warnings which do not count towards this.
  • Exploiting the server is strictly forbidden and can result in an immediate ban


  • Griefing is forbidden, just throwing this out there in case it was not obvious enough. This is very strictly enforced in creative worlds.
  • Stealing is forbidden. However, if a chest is unlocked then feel free to take, since the player who created the chest obviously took the time and effort to make sure its unlocked

Regarding NSFW

  • Fell free to say whatever you want, but personal attacks or language with harm or abuse of other players in mind is forbidden.
    • Of course, if you decide to play on this server you should learn to take a joke, and know that while offensive things may be said that its all in good fun. The community will not bend over backwards for someone just because they cant take a joke or take things way too seriously
  • Porn is generally not allowed, and definitely not allowed when using the custom images mod. Everything else however is up to the discretion of staff, so making a dick out of blocks probably wont get you a warning, but spamming dick structures everywhere probably will
  • Shock images are forbidden entirely

Regarding Wars

  • If you want to start a "war" with another player thats fine, but attacks on neutral players or structures/creations/buildings/ etc is frowned upon and can result in an admin or staff member stepping in.
  • Damage caused by one faction or player against the other player or faction at war will not be considered griefing