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This page contains resource packs which can be used on the server by others. Download links and info for them are here, and you will have to manually download and install them until mojang adds support for server side resource packs back again

Rescource packs also contain custom sounds for various things such as weapons, and don't overwrite existing sounds used in game (in progress)

Resource packs

Chewcraft Resource pack

Chewcraft resource pack preview
  • Created by Captain Durger

A youchew themed resource pack

What's new in Chewcraft SNES:

This "SNES" part of the name refers to the fact that this pack has been downscaled back to 16x16, the resolution of the default pack and the first two versions. This was done in preparation for the mod API (which is coming god knows when,) as the rule of thumb for mod texturing is to keep it close to the default in both style and resolution. That way, whenever in time mods become a thing, we won't have to abruptly readjust.

Download Link

Older Versions