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Type Economy
Used Bukkit Plugins Link to bukkitdev page and name
Availability Survival, challenge world
Used for
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Money is one of the most important items in the YouChew server (In the main world at least)! It is necesary to be able to shop at the spawn shop and with it you can buy rare and expensive objects such as name tags, or spawner eggs. To obtain money, just trade with villagers, or conquer a dungeon on the challenge world. Then just head to the spawn shop, right click the sign that says "emeralds" and enjoy each of the 1000 dollars you get for each emerald. If you collect all of the Chaos Emeralds you get invincibility On the other hand, you could trade gold for cash, for $100 cash. Lastly another way to earn money is to create a chest shop where you can earn cash from the things people buy from you!


/balance- check out how much you have


The addition of money has made vilager trades more of a rip off than they already are. Especially when you take into account the fact that one emerald can buy 5 cows (which can be used for a farm), rather than the 7 cooked beef a butcher might offer you.