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A medieval themed creative world. Only create medieval themed things here, and read the rules which you see when you first enter


  • Game mode: Creative
  • Animal spawning: yes
  • Mob spawning: yes
  • Explosion healing: All explosions heal
  • Death Chests: yes

Commands specific for this world

  • Most worldedit commands
  • /setwarp – allows you to create warps which you and others can teleport to
  • /delwarp – deletes a warp point you created
  • /warp – warps you to a warp (you can create warps using the setwarp command
  • /tp – allows you to teleport to a player
  • /spawner – This command allows you to modify the types of mobs spawned from an preexisting mob spawner.
  • /setname – Sets the type of the head you are holding to a player head and sets the name to the one specified. Username is case sensitive, and must be the players actual minecraft name and not a nickname (nicknames have a “~” in front of them)