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This is the world everyone starts in. It is just a regular minecraft world which has the regular dungeons, mines, etc. The spawn point is in the portal room, which contains portals to all the other worlds

Story time

The setting of the main world takes place in a war torn world in which a massive war has only recently ended, and which is in the process of rebuilding. Right now its composed of the main outpost at spawn, as well as many similar outposts nearby.

Not much is known about the war as nearly everything was destroyed in the process, but what is known is that it seems to have been a civil war of some kind, and the enemy also had access to forces of the nether and the end. The reoccurring zombie hordes also hint as to what exactly went on during the massive war.



  • Game mode: Survival
  • Animal spawning: yes
  • Mob spawning: yes
  • Explosion healing: Creeper and TNT explosions automatically heal
  • Death Chests: yes
  • Commands specific for this world: none


Generally used by newer users who aren't involved with Youchew. Usually the best way to work with a majority of the server's mods.