M4 Carbine

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M4 Carbine
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I bet you were expecting an AK-47
Type Assault Rifle
Availability All Worlds
Damage per hit 3 (Heart.svgHalf Heart.svg)
Damage/Range Modifier -0.5 per tick, 2 damage minimum (good at close, medium range)
Block Penetration 0
Enemy Knockback 0
Recoil 1: no recoil when crouching
Accuracy (less is better) 3: becomes 2 when crouching
Projectile Speed 60
Rapid Fire/Burst Fire Yes: 420 rounds per minute
Number of projectiles fired 1
Delay between shots/bursts 0.25 seconds
Ammo Item Flint
Ammo Capacity 30
Reload Duration 2.5 seconds
Splash damage
Makes explosion? No
Explosion Radius N/A
Explosion Damage % (more is better) N/A
Explosion Effects N/A
Comes with scope
Has near perfect accuracy when using scope


An assault rifle with a high rate of fire, Does great damage at close and medium range, damage drops slightly at longer range due to the small bullets it fires.

Its a great well rounded weapon, and does well in all situations

Getting this gun

This gun can be bought from the shop at spawn

Attachments, Upgrades, and alternate ammo types

  • M320 Grenade Launcher- Equips the gun with a grenade launcher and removes the scope. left clicking switches between firing the grenade launcher, and the gun. Grenade launcher uses stone brick blocks as ammo

Place a dispenser and M4 anywhere on a crafting table

NameIngredientsInput » Output
M4 carbine-Grenade LauncherM4 Carbine +
M4 Carbine Dispenser
Grid layout Arrow (small).png 32x32px

  • Bayonet- Attach a sword to the end of your gun. Left clicking will now allow you to melee using the sword attached to your gun

Put an iron or diamond sword on the crafting table with the gun

NameIngredientsInput » Output
M4 carbine with BayonetM4 Carbine +
Iron Sword
M4 Carbine Iron Sword
Grid layout Arrow (small).png 32x32px

  • Night vision scope- Replaces the default scope with a night vision scope, allowing you to see through the dark when looking down the scope

Put an eye of ender on the crafting table with the gun

NameIngredientsInput » Output
M4 carbine Night VisionM4 Carbine +
Eye of Ender
M4 Carbine Eye of Ender
Grid layout Arrow (small).png 32x32px


  • none


  • This gun is based off of the M4 Carbine in real life. The M4 is a newer weapon used by many NATO countries