Locking your Stuff

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LWC (locking mod)
Lock yo stuff
Type Insert Type Here
Used Bukkit Plugins LWC
Availability stuff
Used for
Securing various things
Chests are automatically locked for you when placed
You are responsible for locking your stuff. We wont go out of our way to retrieve your stuff if you dont lock it

The Server allows you to lock various items such as chests and doors on the server. When a something is locked, only you can open it or break it. Chests are automatically locked for you when you place them


  • /cprivate - locks chests, doors, trapdoors and furnaces, allowing only the player who locked the object
  • /cremove - unlocks any locks you've made before. Simple as that.
  • /cpublic - Allows anyone to use a chest, door, etc, but only you can break it

Things you can lock

  • Chests
  • Trapped chests
  • trap doors
  • Doors
  • Hoppers
  • Most redstone things such as levers
  • Furnaces
  • Dispensers
  • Droppers
  • Signs
  • Individual blocks (only prevents breaking them)


  • None