List of Survival Commands

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Here is a full list of commands which can be used in survival worlds.

List of Commands

Basic Commands

/balance = shows how much money you have

/delhome = deletes a home

/sethome = sets your home location at where your standing

/home = teleport to your home

/hat = sets the current block your holding as your hat

/mail = allows you to view and send mail to other players

/motd = shows you the message of the day which you see when you log in

/suicide = kills yourself

/pay = allows you to pay a player money using your money

/rules = view server rules

/time = shows current time

/tpa = request to teleport to a specific player

/tpaccept = accept a teleport request

/tpdeny = deny a teleport request

/back = teleports you back to your previous location after you died or after you teleported somewhere.

Custom Picture Frames (AnimatedFrames}

/af create <url to image> = create a custom image frame on an item frame. Supports .jpg .png and .gif animated images

/af remove = removes a custom image

/af info = displays various informations about a custom image


/cruise <direction> = If permitted by the craft type, begins cruising in the specified direction. Allowed directions are north, south, east, west.

/release = Releases whatever craft the pilot was in command of. DOES NOT CHECK BORDERS TO MAKE SURE LANDING SPOT IS SAFE. It is recommended to simply walk off the craft so that the border will be checked.

/manoverboard = Returns you to a position on the top middle portion of the last craft that moved you. Useful if you ever fall out of your craft. Must be used within 30 seconds of falling out of your craft

/rotateleft = Rotates your currently controlled craft left around its midpoint. Requires the movecraft.commands permission.

/rotateright = Rotates your currently controlled craft right around its midpoint. Requires the movecraft.commands permission.


/skull edit = Used to select a Skull Turret for editing.

/skull done = Used to turn off edit mode

/skull add <friend/enemy> <entitytype> (playername } = Adds mobs or players to be targeted by the turret. entity type is usable but only mobs or players can be added.

/skull rem <friend/enemy> <entitytype> (playername}> = Similar to above, but instead used to remove things the skull targets

/skull redstone = Selected skull when clicked will Toggle between listening or not listen for redstone signals

/skull skin (username } = Changes the skulls skin to the username entered. Using /skull skin without a username resets the skull back to a skeleton head

/skull patrol = Toggles skull patrol cycle

/skull rotate = Rotates the skull