Kiloton Gauntlets

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Kiloton Gauntlets
Yep, needs an image
Type Melee weapon/Fists
Availability All worlds
Damage per hit 12 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg)
Damage/Range Modifier N/A
Block Penetration Coming soon
Enemy Knockback 14
Recoil None
Accuracy (less is better) N/A
Projectile Speed N/A
Rapid Fire/Burst Fire N/A
Number of projectiles fired N/A
Delay between hits N/A
Gunpowder Ammo Item
Ammo Capacity 1
Reload Duration 2.5 seconds
Splash damage
Makes explosion? Yes
Explosion Radius 0.5
Explosion Damage % (more is better) 150%
Has a 5% chance of doing a random critical hit
Critical hits do +5 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHalf Heart.svg) extra damage


The kiloton gauntlets are basically a pair of big ass golden gloves which sends any enemies it hits literally flying with explosive force, as well as any unfortunate to be nearby.

Like most dual wield weapons, right clicking uses the one in your right hand, left clicking uses the one in your left hand. Every punch also consumes one gunpowder in your inventory.

This explosive force is also useful for performing double and triple jumps, or other acrobatic tricks

Crafting Recipe

NameIngredientsInput » Output
Kiloton GauntletsGold Helmet +
Block of Gold +
Gold Boots
Gold Helmet Block of Gold
Grid layout Arrow (small).png 32x32px

Gold Boots Block of Gold

Attachments, Upgrades, and alternate ammo types

  • None


  • even though it looks like your only using your right hand , left or right clicking still uses the weapon in either the left or right hand


  • Whenever you punch with the gauntlets, they launch you forward 2.5 blocks. If you are looking upward when you use them, you will be propelled upward 2.5 blocks. use this to perform double and triple jumps. Just keep an eye on your gunpowder supply.
  • If you right and left click at the same time, you will hit with both fists. This is enough power to kill most mobs in one hit