Killing Gloves of Boxing

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Killing gloves of boxing (KGB)
"Cry some more!"
Type Melee weapon/Fists
Availability All worlds
Damage per hit 2 (Heart.svg)
Damage/Range Modifier N/A
Block Penetration 0
Enemy Knockback 1
Recoil None
Delay between punches 0.75 seconds
Ammo Item Does not require ammo
Splash damage
Makes explosion? No
Explosion Radius N/A
Explosion Damage % (more is better) N/A
Explosion Effects N/A
Has 10% chance of a critical hit. Critical hits do +6 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg) damage
Can do headshots. Headshots do +2 (Heart.svg) damage


A pair of boxing gloves modeled after a TF2 weapon. A good basic melee weapon, which while not as powerful as a diamond sword, packs a punch (hah) and does not wear out or require ammo like many other weapons.

Those with good aim can also take advantage of bonus damage done when hitting a mob or players head.

Crafting Recipe

Just put 2 books anywhere on a crafting table

NameIngredientsInput » Output
Killing Gloves of BoxingBook
Book Grid layout Arrow (small).png 32x32px

Attachments, Upgrades, and alternate ammo types

  • none


  • even though it looks like your only using your right hand , left or right clicking still uses the weapon in either the left or right hand


  • This weapon was modeled after the weapon from TF2 used by the Heavy, which were also called the Killing Gloves of Boxing
  • While it does less damage than most most weapons, you can also hit faster using these gloves than you can with most weapons