Isla Chewblar

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Isla Chewblar is a jungle located outside of the area of Chewloft. It houses a variety of jungle-themed structures and places for visitors to see.

Isla chewblar.png


Founded by TReich, Isla Chewblar was created with the intention of showcasing rainforest-themed attractions, while still preserving much of the natural beauty the jungle has itself.


The area is a large, dense jungle surrounded by a desert biome (effectively making it an oasis of sorts). It has tall trees, a small railroad, and a buttload of ocelots.


  •'s Hut
  • Headhunter's Hut
  • Isla Chewblar Cavern Tour
  • Isla Chewblar Visitors Center
  • Jungle Cruise (currently under construction)


  • The area is named after Isla Nublar, the setting of the original Jurassic Park book and movie.

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