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Guns are weapons which can be crafted like most normal items on a crafting bench. This not only includes guns, but rocket launchers, grenades, airstrikes, and other new weapons

How to use

Most guns use the same controls listed below, though some guns may operate differently than others. Look at the page of a weapon you want to use for more detailed info. Each gun has its own crafting recipe as well which you can use to make the gun. All guns also require ammo of some sort, though melee weapons usually do not. The item used for ammo varies by gun


  • Q - When holding a weapon, the Q key will reload the weapon you are holding instead of dropping it like with other items
  • Left click - Fires the weapon. Some weapons have this switched with right click
  • Right click- can do one of the following depending on the gun or attachments:
    • Look down scope- Most weapons without attachments have one
    • Switch to attachment- Used to switch to grenade launcher attachments and similar things
    • Switch ammo type- Allows you to fire a different type of ammo if the gun uses it
    • Fire second weapon- If its a dual wield weapon, fires the one in your left hand
  • /shot reload - Does the same thing as the Q key and reloads the weapon.

Upgrading guns

Many guns can be upgraded with various attachments or upgrades. Right now, guns can only be equipped with 1 upgrade at a time. Visit the page of a weapon to see what upgrades are available for that weapon


  • Even if a bullet hits an enemy, the projectile can sometimes appear as if it completely missed.


  • Nearly all weapons are more accurate while crouching

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