Command Blocks

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Command Blocks
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Type Creative
Used Bukkit Plugins Safe Command Blocks
Availability Creative Worlds
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Setting Command Blocks


Regular Minecraft only lets OP's set and place command blocks, so in order to let regular players get around this we need to use a mod which lets players set and place command blocks by using commands

However, there are some limitations to this mod:

  • the command you set the command block to cannot be longer than what you can type into that chat box
  • command blocks cant be set to face a certain direction or switched to different types

How to use

You can use the following commands below to set the commands for a command block. You can also use Worldedit to place commands as well instead of the /commandblock command to place command blocks (ex: //set command will place command blocks)

Command blocks accept most regular minecraft commands and target selectors, such as those listed on the Minecraft wiki here [1], as well as most commands available to players in creative worlds.


  • /setcommand <command> - Use this command to set the command for the command block you are looking at. NOTE: you do not need to add a / to the command you want it to be set to
  • /commandblock - places a command block where you are looking at


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