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Chew York City
Chew York City Map
World old_youchew_survival
Settlement Type Metropolitan City
Area Northwest

Chew York City is collectively the largest city in the YouChew World and possibly the whole of the Outpost. It is the location one arrives in when they enter the portal to old_youchew_survival, and is the northernmost major establishment in that world. Chew York City is currently comprised of five "districts" and two "municipalities". The city also has an extensive sewer system. Chew York is inhabited by a large percentage of regular users as well as a number of Pumkins.


Main article: History of Chew York City

Chew York City was founded and named by a user named Dopply and several others in 2012 on his own server. Prior to the initiation of it's construction, the area consisted of approximately two structures made by users from the previous version of his server, of which can be seen in the southeast corner of the Dingus District. The first building made in the domain of Chew York City is the Cock Tower, located on Dingus street. Construction of the city continued north and west of the tower but not to the east and south, due to the terrain being unsuitable for urbanization. Thus, the area east of the Dingus District was designated as Chew South Wales, now a suburban municipality of Chew York City, and the area to the south of Dingus became King Harkinian's Port. The Dorito District would become the second district of Chew York City, followed by Porkshire, Darkgary, and then Grep. Onett was also annexed into Chew York City at one point in time. The map that included Chew York City was eventually ported to the Outpost after it's former home was no longer running.


Map of Chew York City with labeled districts.

Generally, Chew York City is located a wetland area, being built on land containing many bodies of water that vary in size. The biomes that surround the city and the surrounding areas are diverse, and change more abruptly than those in many other areas. The southwestern area, in Porkshire, is a mountainous jungle bordered by a former swamp, a vast tundra, a desert, and extreme hills. Darkgary and parts of Grep are built on an area with patches of swamp and forest. The area northwest of Grep is extremely mountainous and has varying grass shades. The southern portion of the city is connected to the Emecgra Sea, and the northern portion is a short distance away from another ocean.

Geographic Landmarks





Chew York City's major landmarks are as follows: