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I wouldn't get anywhere near that car if I were you...
Type Vehicle
Used Bukkit Plugins uCars
Availability Anywhere
Used for
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A car is essentially a minecart that can be moved anywhere you like (as opposed to being restrained to a rail). One of the special features of the car is that it can only be destroyed by an explosion and you can't be damaged while in it. Rather, you can run over other players with a car!

To craft:

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How to use

Once you get into a cart by right clicking it, manuver it by using the WASD keys.


/ufuel [Buy <Amount>], [View]- if fuel is enabled, it allows you to buy fuel for certain amounts


It is important to know that cars are a little hard to control at times, and may have been made that way to keep it from being overpowered. However, you shouldn't really ride it in a tough area. I.E: over a one block wide bridge above a ravine.