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Cannons are large weapons made from blocks which fire projectiles. They come in a variety of sizes and fulfill a lot of different purposes. While they are harder to move and aim than lighter weapons, they pack a heavy punch and are even cheaper in some cases, as well as more versatile


Construction of cannons is similar to that of machines. You place blocks on the ground or wherever you want the cannon to be, and once its completed you will get a message saying you have built a cannon, and from there it will be ready for use

Types of cannon

Using cannons


Before you can fire a cannon, you must load it with 2 things: propellant (usually gunpowder) and a projectile of some kind (look at the page of the cannon you want to build to see what projectiles it will fire)

To load a cannon, click anywhere on a cannon while holding gunpowder (or whatever the cannon you built uses). after you have loaded the amount you want (or automatically load the maximum amount by shift-clicking the cannon), load the projectile you want the cannon to fire by right clicking the cannon while holding it.


To fire a cannon, you usually push a button on the back of the cannon, though some cannons may have different methods of firing, make sure you look at the cannons page to see how it is fired


the basic method of aiming a cannon is by clicking on the barrel of the cannon (the barrel is basically the thing the cannonball shoots out of)

To increase the vertical firing angle, right click the upper or lower side of the barrel with empty hands. By right clicking on the side of the barrel the horizontal firing angle can be increased. Shift+right click will decrease the angle.


You can also aim by using the aiming mode. To use autoaiming mode, click on the cannon while holding a clock, and look at where you want the cannon to aim at.

It is recommended that you use 2 people to operate the cannon when doing this: one to aim, and one to fire. or you can just make a redstone clock and use an autoloader, to make a fully automatic cannon.

Some cannons can also be upgraded with an auto-targeter which will automatically aim the aim at enemies.


A common upgrade for many cannons is an autoloader. An autoloader automatically reloads the cannon when it is fired, making it so its ready to fire again right away.

An autoloader requires 2 things:

  • A chest; Usually placed on the side of the cannon
  • A redstone signal: the cannon needs to be fired by a switch or something similar in order to auto-load

here is an example of what a cannon with an autoloader might look like:


Moving Cannons

While cannons are build using blocks, they can be moved by placing them on an aircraft or other vehicle, and can even be fired from the vehicle

Bug Notice- Autoloading currently does not work when used on a moving vehicle

First though you have to Prepare the cannon to be moved, which is rather easy. Just put a sign somewhere on the side of the cannon, similar how you would put a chest


And your cannon is ready to be moved

Upcoming feature- Some small cannons will be able to be "Packed up" in a chest and unpacked, making it so tat cannons can be moved players without the need for a vehicles

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