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Create animated pictures from gifs!
Type Creative
Used Bukkit Plugins [1]
Availability All worlds
Used for
Creating animated pictures
still in beta


This plugin allows you to create animated pictures on item frames using .gif images on the internet. Also works with regular .jpg and .png images is well, and it is recommended that you use this plugin from now on for images


/af create <image name> <image url here> creates an animated picture frame. After you use the command, click on an item frame to turn it into a picture frame, which will display your animated image.

once you enter the command the plugin will provide additional instructions

/af remove <image name> Used to remove animated picture frames


  • May sometimes only show a portion of the animation.
  • Images nearby when you join a world or the server may not display sometimes.


  • If the URL to the image you want to use is too long, you can use URL shorteners like Googles URL shortner ( to make it fit, and it will still work

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