Server Update – New Years Reset

As the year comes to an end, I feel it fitting to finally restart the main world, something thats been suggested for a while now. The current world has had a good run, but it seems like now is a good time to start anew. Once January first come around, the main World will be replaced by a new one. As for the old world, I think i’ll make a way to explore it in adventure mode at some point, so its not entirely gone


other stuff:

-Most spells for the magic plugin will now go up to level 4 or 5. Each level requires double the amount of successful casts to achieve the next level. Added a link to the wiki which will go to the website which lists all available spells.

-Every player will now be given a beginner wand when they join the server after the new years reset

-Upgrades can now be crafted for the raildriver. More info on its wiki page