Server Update: Lots of new creative stuff

Server Update: Lots of new creative stuff

Been busy with life so havent had much time to work on the server, but I was able to add a ton of new tools for use in creative worlds since its been a while since i’ve added new tools for creative world users.
-Added fast-asyncworldedit plugin. A lot faster than the previous asyncworldedit used on the server, and allows for much larger changes to be made with worldedit, changes to millions of blocks can now be made in a matter of seconds. The block change limit for each worldedit operation has now been raised to 10 million.

-added the ability to create and download your own schematics from the server with the new //download command, which will provide you a link with a download to your the schematic of the structure you copied with worldedit. So if you ever wanted to download one of your structures for personal use or archival from one of the creative worlds you now can.

-added /schematic remap command. Allows you to covert schematics to work with Minecraft:PE and the other way around.

-added the ability to upload schematics to the server for use in creative worlds, which you can then paste using worldedit. To do this, visit
and upload your schematic there. it will then generate a command which you can use in game to load the schematic you uploaded. This will allow you to upload structures from other worlds (you can create them from single player worlds using MCedit) or from asset sites such as planetminecraft.

-Schematics are now saved on a per user basis. If you save a schematic to the server using the //schematic save command, you no longer have to worry about naming comflicts of another user saved a schematic with the same name

-Added voxelsniper. Voxelsniper is a lot better for terraforming compared to worldedit, since it allows you to edit large amounts of blocks from long range. A list of commands can be found here:

-added a bunch of new worldedit command which were included with fast-asyncworldedit:
//cut – cuts the worldedit selection you made so you can paste it elsewhere
//generate – Generates a shape according to a formula that is expected to
return positive numbers (true) if the point is inside the shape
//setskylight – Set sky lighting in a selection
//curve – Draws a spline through selected points.
//move – Moves the contents of the selection a specified amount of blocks in a specified direction
//count – Counts the number of a certain type of block in a selection
//lazycut – Lazily cut the selection to the clipboard
//lazycopy – Lazily copy the selection to the clipboard
/tool floodfill – Flood fill tool
/tool deltree – Floating tree remover tool
/brush copypaste – Left click the base of an object to copy.
Right click to paste
/brush cliff – This brush flattens terrain and creates cliffs.
/brush flatten – Flatten brush flattens terrain
/brush line – Create lines.
/brush blendball – Smooths and blends terrain
/brush sweep – Sweeps your clipboard content along a curve.
/brush rock – Creates a distorted sphere
/brush populateschematic – Chooses the scatter schematic brush. Good for placing bulk assets like trees or rocks

more details on the commands and their parameters can be found here, and I know I have not covered all of them:

Note that some commands may not be available due to their potentially destructive nature, and certain destructive parameters not available

– a bunch of bug fixes and stuff